Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kids, Kids & More Kids

Our target ministry was to women, but where there are women there will be kids, and Guinea Bissau is no exception!  Enjoy all the sweet faces.

Kids under our own roof
Abigail & her precious Beauty, the world's
ugliest chicken (but loved all the more
because of his ugliness)

Caleb, dog trainer, rooster catcher, and
missionary in training
Josiah, American by birth,
Guinean by life experience

Not too sure which ones are the kids here

Kids belonging to Lalas & Maria and Paulu & Fatinia in the twin house

Kids getting a ride in the truck

Kids playing together during salon sessions

Kids in the Mansoa market

Kids in the tiny Monsanka villages

Kids searching for breakfast

1 comment:

  1. ha! you got some great pictures of kids. included the ones of the goat variety.
    one of the little girls who lives in the twin house, holding a baby in one of the three pics where she appears, has the most beautiful smile! her face is so sweet!